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tantra terraces

The Terraces

Then & Now

When the property was first bought it was covered with bamboo. In an effort to then make use of extensive piece of land, it was cleared and planted with fruit trees. After much thought and discussion of the lack of venues in the East, a collective, family supported decision was made and the Terraces came to life.


The Terraces which later became Tantra Terraces emanated from Tantra International - an affiliate promotions and event company, also out of Sangre Grande.


In March 2012, Tantra Terraces was finally  completed and officially opened. In a short time it's waterfall showpiece became a local landmark and it became known for its central location and hidden beauty.


Tantra Terraces boosts five large platforms, to accommodate your event, stretching  downhill across approximately half an acre. These are bordered by tall trees which are illuminated by ambiance lighting at dusk.    

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